Exeter and Devon are rich in history and culture. A rebrand by Exeter Chiefs would be a brilliant opportunity for the club to work with the local community to understand more about our history and create a new iconic logo and brand that firmly places Exeter on the global sporting map.

Share your ideas for a rebrand using the hashtag #ChangeTheChief and we will add them below:

Many of the ideas submitted for alternative logos are based around the Celtic history of the area, celebrating local historical “Chiefs”.

The above design by Mary Williams @MOMXW takes inspiration from the Dumnonii and includes the crest of the city of Exeter – a nod to the crest used by Exeter Rugby Club before it adopted the current “Chiefs” brand.

This design by Edward Traynor @EddieT1885 looks to Exeter’s history as the Roman capital of Isca Dumnorium.

We love this bold typographic concept by James Anderson @j.andersondesign retaining the “Chiefs” title but removing the current imagery – a clean slate for the club.

@Edwcartoons shared these concepts, removing the Native-style headdress and replacing with Celtic imagery to honour Devon’s Celtic history.

The above design by Callum Williams @CW07670932 retains some continuity using the current Exeter Rugby typeface, as well as the colours used in the current logo. Callum says: “The round shield and spear commonly used by the Dumnonii people are simple representations of the warrior spirit in rugby.”